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School Timings
Scholarships are provided according to the marks earned by a student. Scholarships will only be awarded to students who have an outstanding attendance record, and who have been present for all the regular tests and examinations. Scholarships will be granted on the condition that the student maintains the required standard of excellence in every test/examination.

• Classes grades 1 to 12 start at 7:45 am and end at 2:15 pm.
• Students should arrive early and attend the School Assembly. The Assembly starts at 7.30 am.
• Early dismissal for students every Thursday at 1:00 pm.
• All buses will depart at 2:30 pm Sunday to Wednesday and at 1:00 pm on Thursdays.
• The school keeps records of all absentees and tardiness.
• All students are expected to arrive to school on-time.
• Late arrivals must report to the appropriate supervisor for a late slip before entering the class.
• Students who are frequently late to school are subject to disciplinary action.
• Students are subject to losing school credit, if they fail to attend 90% of their classes.
• Students who have more than 5 absences per term will be placed on attendance probation.
• Early pick-up will not be allowed without a valid reason and prior notice to the section’s supervisor (call or letter). If you must pick-up your child earlier than 2:15PM, you must do so by12:00noon. We will not dismiss any students between 12noon and 2:15PM.

American International School (AIS) is committed to achieving high standards in learning and the achievement levels of our students.

AIS believes that students are better placed if their attendance and punctuality record is excellent.

Improving and maintaining school attendance requires a committed partnership. All AIS staff, as well as parents and students, have the responsibility for maintaining good attendance and responsibility.
• Parents are asked to contact the school by telephone if their child will be absent for the day.
• The school will call home for confirmation of illness, and record the reason on the absence sheet.
• In case of absence for travel of any student, parents are advised to notify the school two weeks in advance.
• The student must present a medical note upon his/ her return to school in order for the absence to be registered as an excused absence.
• A student that does not present the school with a medical note will be marked as unexcused absence.
• A student with more than five unexcused absences in a term will be subject to various actions from the school, including lesson checks, parental contact, and potential sanctions (detention).
• A student with excessive absences may not be promoted to the next grade level.

Gates will be opened at 6:45AM and will be closed at 9:30AM. Gates will re-open in the afternoon for KG pick-up at 1:00PM and will remain open until 3:30PM. Parents with more than one child can pick them up from gate number 4 or 8.

• Main gate number 2 will be open at all times for parents who need to visit the HR department or accounts department between 8:00AM – 1:00PM.
• Gate number 8 will be open for KG,1,2,3,girls and boys and to Grade 4- 12 (girls only)
• Gate number 4 will be used for boys from grade four to twelve.

Late Comers
Students who arrive later than 9:30AM will be marked as absent.
• Late arrivals should use doors 2 and 3 (school security will guide students) to enter the building. They need to go directly to their section and report to the receptionist.

Leave of Absence
It is compulsory that parents notify the school at least two weeks in advance if their children will be absent for a prolonged period of time.

Early Leave
Students are not permitted to leave school early without the presence of a parent or a signed note from a parent. A phone call or email will not be considered.

Dress Code
Students must be in school uniform at all times during school hours, travelling to and from school, or are engaged in any school activities conducted after school hours.

In order to maintain unity in the school, a uniform dress code will be enforced at all times during school hours.

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the student comes to school in a neat and tidy uniform.

If the student does not wear the school uniform even after repeated warnings, he/she will be given a new set of uniform in school and the price of same will be added to the student fees.

In case the student misplaces his/her uniform or it is torn, it is the responsibility of the parents to inform the concerned Student Supervisor. Parents are also advised to replace torn or missing uniforms within two days.

During the stipulated time period of two days, the student will not be allowed to wear colored clothes or jeans etc. Kindly ensure that the student is dressed in clothes and colors similar to the school uniform.

Uniforms should be purchased at the school`s authorized uniform-dealer.

Please contact the administration office for the details of the authorized uniform-dealer.

For Girls:
1. The school provides the student with a uniform only after the registration formalities are complete. It is necessary to wear a neatly washed and ironed uniform to school every day.
2. Black shoes without heels and black or white socks are to be worn at all times during school hours. No other footwear is acceptable. Boots, trainers, sports shoes, canvas shoes or pumps are not permitted.
3. Use of makeup including lipstick, blush, foundation, mascara, false eyelashes, nail polish, and compact powder will not be allowed.
4. The school does not allow girls to wear any jewellery like dangling earrings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, rings etc. Use of a single stud earring in each ear is also not permitted. Multiple ear-piercing and facial piercings are not allowed. The school permits use of a simple wrist watch only.
5. Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed. The general appearance of a student should reflect neatness and good personal hygiene. Dying hair in outrageous colors is not permitted.
6. Tattooing is not permitted.

For Boys:
1. It is mandatory for students to be in school uniform during school hours.
2. Black shoes without heels and black or white socks are to be worn at all times during school hours. No other footwear is acceptable. Boots, trainers, sports shoes, canvas shoes or pumps are not permitted. Use of white t-shirts is permitted under the school shirt. Colored t-shirts are not allowed. Use of a black leatherbelt is permitted.
4. Hair should be cut short and neatly groomed. Hairshould be cut above the ears and should not be grown below the nape. Haircuts imitating a personality or celebrity, actor, T.V actors, or any other will not be allowed.
5. Students will not be allowed use of hair-gel on their hair.
6. Use of neck chains, rings, studs, wallet chains etc will not be allowed. Boys will be allowed to wear a simple wrist watch.
7. Tattooing will not be permitted.

The school has a separate uniform for Physical Education. The same will be issued by the school. This uniform is compulsory for all PE classes. Gym shoes are also compulsory during PE classes. Disobedience to adhere to these rules will result in the student being dispelled from the PE classes.

Common Areas
The school`s common areas include the playground, hallways, rest rooms, and the multipurpose room. Because students from every grade and class will be using these areas under the supervision of various faculty and staff, it is important to establish rules and expectations that are commonly understood and consistently applied. With such rules in place, staff can focus on encouraging good character among students rather than correcting misbehavior.

Staff will continuously encourage appropriate behavior in the school’s common areas through positive and friendly interactions with students. Verbal praise will be used to recognize students who exercise courtesy, safety, and respect.

Following are the school’s goals for student conduct in each of the common areas.

Playground: Students will play safely in all games and on all equipment, showing consideration and respect for others.

Hallways: The hallways of the school will be a safe and quiet environment where people interact with courtesy and respect.

Restrooms: The restrooms at the school will be clean and safe.

Meals: Breakfasts, lunches, and snacks at the school will be enjoyed in a safe, clean, and friendly environment where people interact with courtesy, manners, and respect.

Assemblies: Students will demonstrate respectful behavior during assemblies by listening, participating, and following directions.

Before and After School: Students will arrive at and depart from the school in a safe and orderly manner.

Lost and Found
The School does not accept responsibility for any lost and stolen items or valuables. Lost and found items are kept outside of the Administration Officer’s. Students are encouraged to check this frequently. Watches, jewelry and glasses are usually kept with the Administrative Secretary for the first week. Any unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of the school year.

Classroom Parties
Classroom parties during school hours are not permitted. If parents bring cupcakes and juice for their child`s birthday, they will be served during the break only.

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